December 2011 - October 2017

We thank you, all of our loyal members for staying with us all these years; and to our new members, we thank you for joining us on this last leg of our journey. Sadly, we have decided that is in the best interest of all that the Sioncraft server be shut down. Maybe, hopefully, with any miracle, Sioncraft can live on in some sense. Hopefully, Sioncraft can be brought back in the future. We are extremely sad to see the community end like this.

If you would like to stay in touch with us, we have provided a contact list for all to utilize.

Best regards,
mslaw, nateyeight, devore07
The Sioncraft Team

With special thanks to the owner and founder, mslaw, and the original administrators: Candleb0x, domjackson15, and Jeyge. As well as the administrators that have come an gone thoughout the years. Thank you to our staff teams, and all the members who've willingly volunteered their time to make sure Sioncraft was a safe and fun place for all.