Welcome to the Sioncraft server!
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Sioncraft is being revived (again)! If you are interested in helping with the server as a staff member or administrator, please send us a staff application!

The Sioncraft server is an MCMMO/Towny/Economy survival server with a rank-based playing model. Ranks can be obtained by meeting requirements such as high enough MCMMO power levels, having a set playtime on the server, and reaching a milestone in your bank account balance. In the future when the community grows and more resources are available to us, we will expand the server to include features such as a dedicated mining world, sky block, creative, and minigames. For now, we are dedicated to getting the server up and running in its basic form so we can publically launch. Again, if you would like to help out with maintaining the server in any capacity, please submit a staff application.

We have a lot planned for the future, such as... 

  • Creative plot world
  • Skyblock 
  • Hardcore, no protection, survival world
  • Dedicated mining world
  • Minigames such as mob arenas, spleef, capture the flag and survival games
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